This is not Dying an OrangeRay Film by Morrison-Merritt

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A music driven shamanic journey of three friends on a road trip, who end up going further than they ever imagined. Following the bread crumbs of synchronicity left by an intelligent universe, they embark on a pilgrimage to the dark forest of the psyche in search of transcendent illumination.

The film is a "renegade indie" and while our needs may be minimal,

we still require funds.

This music video is simply a visual target to help raise money for the shoot. If one were to read the script, the visuals in the music vid tie into the story.

The Premise:

Singer/Songwriter "Bree" has just finished recording her latest collection of songs and wants to go on a "listening road trip" to gestate before she tackles mixing them. Her two best friends are her roommate "Jeff" writer/comic and "Wyatt", her best friend from childhood, who is a "high on ego" music executive. By way of synchronistic events, they "find" themselves in the forest and encounter a reclusive, controversial psycho-therapist who sends each of them on a journey to "themselves" by way of a 7 hour mushroom trip. Each character has a different set of "issues" and thus each encounter their own "personal baggage" that the audience is able to identify and relate to. Wyatt has the biggest "shift", as he represents the full blown narcissistic personality that has hijacked our culture.

It is a black comedy for the thinker.

Our desire is to ignite and inspire humanity's consciousness evolution.

"We are the Architects of a New Reality"

"Sometimes you have to lose your mind to find yourself"

A musical, magical mushroom odyssey into the ego's labyrinth.


Our Patrons of Art

John Bartolotto
Diana Lee Luxemberg
Jon Morrison
Jen Fontini
Kelly Montgomery
Darr Senit
Damon Wilson
Dr. Stephanie Jo Gomez
Christy Manchester

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