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A hundred years ago you probably would have lived and died knowing nothing of people and events more then 30 miles from your home.


Today, 1.1 billion people currently enjoy regular access to the web. You can contact people across the globe, or down the street, with the click of a button.


You can sell your product, or services, anywhere in the world, while you sleep, while you work, while you water your garden. You can share your thoughts and dreams with the entire human race! 


We will build you a website that conveys simply and elegantly the information you want people to know, be it for a business or for personal enjoyment. We are multi-medium artists, so your site will be unique, interesting and cool.  Just like you!


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Keith Merritt

Wendi Morrison-Merritt
Email: Keithnotis@yahoo.com

Phone: 559-786-6777

Just think...


You are one of a kind,

........and your website  should be too.


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